Essential Tips for Speeding Up Customs Clearance Process

When importing goods into the United Kingdom, understanding the customs clearance process is crucial. This process, which involves the preparation and submission of necessary documents to facilitate exports or imports into the country, has varying timelines. In this blog post, we discuss how long customs clearance takes in the UK, what factors can affect this timeline and how can you boost the speed of clearance for your shipments.

how long does customs clearance take uk

The duration of customs clearance in the UK is subject to several factors, resulting in a range from a few hours to potentially several days or even weeks. On average, customs clearance in the UK typically spans 3-5 working days, though this can fluctuate due to various considerations. Let’s explore these factors more closely.

  • Documentation: One of the main reasons for delays in customs clearance is incomplete or incorrect documentation. It is crucial to ensure that all the required documents are filled out correctly and submitted on time to avoid any delays.
  • Customs checks: UK customs may conduct random checks on shipments, which can cause delays in clearance. These checks are necessary to ensure that all imports comply with the country’s regulations.
  • High volume of shipments: During peak season or busy periods, there could be a high volume of shipments going through customs. This can result in delays as customs officials may take longer to process all the shipments.
  • Goods subject to restrictions: Certain goods, such as food items or chemicals, may require special permits or approvals before they can be cleared by customs. If these requirements are not met, it can cause significant delays in clearance.
  • Customs Agent: The efficiency and experience of your customs agent can also impact the time it takes for customs clearance. An experienced agent will be well-versed in the process and can help expedite clearance for your shipments.
factors that cause delays in customs clearance
Factors Contributing to Customs Clearance Delays Illustrated in a Pie Chart

How do I know if my parcel is stuck in customs UK?

If your shipment is experiencing delays in customs clearance, you will likely receive a notification from the shipping company or custom officials. You can also track your shipment online using the tracking number provided by the shipping company. And if you have consultant like GR Freight Services, you can always reach out to them for updates and assistance with your shipment.

How to do customs clearance faster?

To do customs clearance faster, you should consider these steps:

  1. Complete documentation accurately and on time: As mentioned before, incomplete or incorrect documentation is one of the leading causes of delays in customs clearance. Ensure that all required documents are filled out correctly and submitted promptly to avoid any delays.
  2. Use an experienced customs agent: An experienced customs agent like GR Freight Services will have a good understanding of the clearance process and can help expedite it for your shipments. We are associate with BIFA, DEFRA and HMRC, so it will take more or less 2 hours if the shipment is ordinary to customs clearance.
  3. Check if your goods require any special approvals or permits: To avoid delays, make sure you obtain all necessary permits or approvals before shipping goods that may be subject to restrictions. For an example, if you are shipping seeds, plants or animal products, they required PEACH certificate to enter uk.
  4. Use a reliable shipping service: Choosing a reliable shipping service can also help ensure that your shipments move through customs smoothly and efficiently.

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