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Immingham port (GBIMM) is one of the UK’s busiest ports, handling more than 17 million tonnes of cargo each year. Located on the south bank of the Humber Estuary in North Lincolnshire, Immingham port has direct access to Europe and deep-water berths for large vessels. The port offers a range of services including container, bulk and general cargo handling as well as passenger and cruise services.

Immingham is an important gateway for the transport of goods to and from Europe, handling around 2 million TEU’s (twenty-foot equivalent units) per year. The majority of cargo handled by Immingham comes from or is destined for mainland Europe (approximately 73%), with the remainder being inter-UK traffic. Major commodities include steel, wood pulp and paper products, building materials, chemicals and fertilizers. With a lot of import/export traffic, Immingham Port is a key player in logistics and customs activities.

What is customs clearance at Immingham Port?

In Immingham Port, a customs clearance is an important process to ensure that the imported goods meet all of the requirements set out by HMRC & Port Health Authority. When goods arrive at the port, they must be cleared through customs before they can be released from the quay and placed into storage or transported onward. Customs clearance involves completing documentation, calculating customs duties and often arranging for inspections and sampling by the relevant authorities.

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What is the role of custom broker in Immingham Port?

Custom brokers play a vital role in the clearance of goods through Immingham Port. As an accredited and experienced customs broker, they are responsible for correctly classifying goods under the correct duty rates and assessing if any import or export licenses are required. They will provide advice on which items require additional documentation such as a certificate of origin and then submit all appropriate declarations to customs in order for the goods to be released.

By providing accurate and detailed information, custom brokers are able to minimize costs and delays that may arise from incorrect paperwork or customs fees. With their expertise they can successfully ensure that shipments reach their destination on time and within budget. In summary, the role of a custom broker is an essential part in the smooth operation of Immingham Port and helps to ensure that goods arrive safely and on time.

Custom brokers can also help with the export process in Immingham Port by ensuring that all appropriate paperwork is submitted in good time. This includes the completion of a single administrative document, known as an export entry, which must be accomplished prior to the shipment leaving the port. As such, customs brokers can help to ensure that the goods are cleared smoothly and quickly, avoiding unnecessary delays.

How to hire a custom agent in Immingham Port?

Finding and hiring the right custom agent is essential for a successful clearance of goods through Immingham Port. It is important to choose an accredited and experienced customs broker who has knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding import/export processes. You do not have to go anywhere to find the right agent as GR Freight Services offers a comprehensive custom broker and clearance service.

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