Peach System



The Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH System) is an online tool for fulfilling a number of important requirements when importing plants or fruits and vegetables that are subject to Specific Marketing Standards into the UK from outside the European Community. Imports of plants and plant products must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate to confirm their health. You must provide advance notice through PEACH that a consignment is about to enter the UK. This guide explains how to register with and use PEACH. It outlines the regulations that PEACH can help you comply with, and it sets out the steps involved in using PEACH to apply for a Certificate of Conformity or to pre-notify plant health-controlled imports. PEACH applies to England and Wales but not Scotland or Northern Ireland. However, it does apply to Scottish and Northern Ireland businesses, whose imports arrive from either England or Wales. Scottish importers should contact the Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections

How to open a PEACH System account?

To open your PEACH account, you will also need to register with the Government Gateway. There are a number of steps involved in opening accounts. GR Freight Forwarding help their customers in opening an account with peach for further information please contact us, many thanks.